Guy Paramore Designs

Guy Paramore Designs have been designing and making small objects, building bespoke furniture and working on large scale creative projects for over 10 years.

Custom Furniture

Like what you see?

We design in collaboration with you to realise something truly and only yours.

You have something missing from your almost idyllic setting? Get in contact, let’s bring your ideas to life.

How about chairs?

Our favourite thing to design and make is chairs. We love ’em. Dining, occasional, easy, lounge, outdoor… You name it, we can make it.

This image is of The Cardiophonic Lounge. Created in collaboration with the Unconscious Collective, it has a pulse monitor, exciter speakers, programmable soundscapes and network capability. Also very comfy.


Slim, strong and stylish. Designed and made by hand in the wilds of Tasmania from the very finest kangaroo hide.

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Who is V.H.?

Custom leathergoods? Yes we can. Monograms, images, nicknames, catchphrases. Exactly as you like it or let our designers get a little crazy on it for you.

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Clean, simple, functional design. Perhaps a cheeky little side table for your living space? Look no further.

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Things to do, places to go?

You’ll need a stylish way to combat the trials of the day to day. The Askey Satchel. Fully veg tanned leather, laser cut, hand stitched. Internal divider and pocket to keep all your precious things safe.

The lady bear

Room for at least a dozen of your favourite plastic friends, a couple of hidden places for the little things and plenty of space for the folding stuff. Clean, classy and elegant.

Whether or not you are.

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